About eCentaur

We have been in the data and affiliate marketing space for over 12 years so we decided to build a complete data system that has all the features we dreamed of all combined into one account.
Our team has many years of technical experience in application development, websites, reporting systems along with Data / Lead Generation, Email Marketing, Customer Acquisition, SMS Marketing, Digital Marketing and Affiliate / Publisher Programs.

eCentaur is your complete solution for data & lead management, data validation, email and SMS marketing all with no technical experience necessary.
Our data management system is perfect for data managers, call centers, lead generators or anyone that requires storing, importing and exporting their data.
eCentaur has all the features you need with robust reporting and complete with daily data backup on secure VPS servers and Cloud systems to ensure your data is fully protected.
eCentaur is fully customizable for posting your leads to wherever you need. We are currently integrated with several email service providers including Amazon SES, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Jellymail and Emercury.
We are also integrated with Twilio SMS for all your SMS marketing needs.
Need to clean your leads and data? eCentaur also has a built data cleaning system to remove hard bounces, traps, invalids and high risk emails from your email lists. Pay as you go or monthly plans are available.
Fill contact us form to review all features or reach us out at info@ecentaur.com and schedule a demo to see how eCentaur can change the way you do business, maximize your time and profit while saving you money.

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